Columns A memorable festival will succeed even in the Corona era, this is how it works

The Haapavesi Folk, which was held a week ago, was celebrated in special conditions, but everything went perfectly – also for the participant, writes Mari Koppinen.

Now I am its experienced: the dreaded and desecrated but above all the much-anticipated Korona-era music festival. The venue was Haapavesi in Northern Ostrobothnia and the Haapavesi Folk Festival.

Everything went tremendously well in the end for both the festival and myself. I don’t feel like I’ve been alive for a couple of years. The festive bracelet would not have made the mind cut out of the hand at all.

That’s why it makes sense to share the experience with others. Clearly, we must learn to live with this disease scourge in the future as well.

Among other things these factors made a successful festival in Korona-era Haapavesi:

Small enough event. Aspen water had no queues, not just close contacts. (Or well, in the Tsuumi Sound System gig hose ring, the safety interval recommendations were obviously forgotten.)

A gentle warning. The audience was reminded a little about hygiene and safety intervals – but not in a guilty but gentle style.

Purity. I have never seen such neat festival-Bajamajas. After almost every visit, someone behind the door waited with the spray bottle and started rubbing the surfaces clean once again. For once, there were enough hand washing places.

All outdoor activities. The concert hall had been moved to the courtyard, and the giant beer tent behind the main stage was gone, meaning alcohol was now also consumed in the sky. Virally guaranteed to be better this way. But other good things followed: the drinking crowd was more exposed to the music, and even the noise that normally heard under the tent now disappeared more effectively into the winds of heaven.

This however, considered:

To an area where there is little corona now, people traveled from areas where there is much more of it. Quick tests and corona passports must be included in the range of means!

The software was of an astonishingly high standard, even though it was implemented solely by domestic forces. Pauanne, Viitasen Piia, Aili Järvelä, Matti Johannes Koivu’s Incredible Folk Trio, Celenka, specializing in Balkan music, Johanna Juhola Trio, Haapavesi’s own folk music house band with soloists Diandra and the king of tango Johannes Vatjus and everyone else offered memorable moments.

But this cannot go on forever at domestic festivals, no matter how easy and cheap and comfortable it may be. International performers are needed. Influences must be taken and given.

And finally: What if the heat runs out and you return to normal rainfall and five plus degrees? Is it just as nice?

Really is! Decent Gore-Tex over, endlessly trampling and yanking. It is essential that events can be organized, the end is adaptation.



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