Columns A city wolf that visited Helsinki sparked a tearing conversation on social media

One would evict the wolves back into the wilderness, the other would welcome them into their home garden.

Where is the finder? There will probably be as many answers as there are respondents, but this is known for sure: it will no longer run along the Ring Circle, but somewhere further south.

The border was clarified a good week ago when a lone wolf appeared in Helsinki. Always vigilant media followed the adventures of a werewolf lost indelibly lost for a few days in a concrete wilderness. The big beast was photographed juggling on the highway, golf course, and children’s playground.

The news ended as quickly as it began. Media interest waned as the animal took its own paw towards Espoo.

Message became clear. The hinterland opens up from the Helsinki border, where wolves should stay.

The visit to Citysude sparked a lively Finnish conversation that can be summed up in a few words. Tearing and split in half.

The extremes are as far apart as the South and North Poles. One would evict the wolves back into the wilderness, the other would welcome them into their home garden. Give flowers to all the wastes!

In the middle of the field, nymphs, for whom the wolf is just okay, but not just under their own nose, not in my backyard.

There are often opponents in particular outside agglomerations and areas to which the wolf has recently moved. In cities, the wolf is defended more passionately than usual. There is no real dialogue because people live in different realities.

The wolf is carded because it kills cattle and domestic animals and competes for prey with hunters. However, the heated debate has nothing to do with what annoyance the animal has caused.

Particularly a lot of bad blood evokes wolves tend to kill dogs. When a best guy is torn to pieces, it’s hard for a person to forgive it.

Genuine fear is more common in anger, especially where wolves have only recently settled. And it is precisely because of the fears that the wolf is poorly tolerated.

The fear of wolves is ingrained in people so deeply that it is not easily accessible. The stories of the late 19th century, in which a wolf killed children, are well preserved in the minds of the mind.

Fears should be taken seriously, although the risk of getting into wolf teeth is low. More and more Finns afraid of large carnivores.

You can’t get a wolf, even if you want to. Instead, it must be learned to tolerate.

The author is the supervisor of the science editorial.

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