Colombian sex worker murdered in massacre in Italy



The victim had a stab wound to the abdomen.

The community of the Pratí neighborhood alarmed the authorities in the morning hours when they found the lifeless bodies of three sex workers. According to the Italian press, it is warned that these acts are by a possible serial killer operating in the Italian capital.

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One of the three bodies found, according to the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, identified the body of the Colombian named Marta Castaño Torres and was known as “Yesenia”. It is believed to be at the hands of a possible serial killer.

In one of Rome’s most exclusive neighborhoods, the bodies of two sex workers from China were found at first. These bodies were found with several stab wounds in the stomach and were completely naked.

In an apartment in the same neighborhood, an hour later they found the body of the Colombian with a single stab wound in the abdomen. One of the residents of the building assured that “everyone knew that there was a dating house there, because you could see people arriving even at 02:00 in the morning”.

Police believe all three women were sex workers, and are examining the victims’ phone records to determine if there is any link between the three women.

The Pratí neighborhood is known as the lawyers’ neighborhood. since a large number of them live there due to its proximity to the Court of Rome. The police will take advantage of this to take advice that they provide to the authority and review the security cameras in the area.

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