Colombia fell to Argentina in the Volleyball World Cup


Colombian Volleyball Team

Colombian Volleyball Selection.


Maurice Moreno. TIME

Colombian Volleyball Team.

Penultimate game of the cast of Antonio Rizola in group D.

The Colombian National TeamThe women’s volleyball team suffered its fourth loss in the World Cup Poland and the Netherlands, by falling this Friday with Argentina 3-2, so they lose the option to go to the next phase.

The Colombians felt more comfortable on the pitch, having lost 3-0 in the previous three appearances against Japan, Brazil and China.

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Those guided by the Brazilian Antonio Rizola knew that this was the game to win, but they fell by the wayside, because the Argentines achieved fourth place in series D.

very close game

The previous rivals were very difficult and that was shown on the pitch. The partials of the commitment were 25-15, 17-25, 29-27 and the last one, tiek break, 8-15.

Dayana Segovia, with 24 points, and Amanda Coneo, with 19, they were the top scorers in the country’s sextet.

Colombia took better advantage of the attack and this time their defense worked in the best way, key points to get the victory, but the Argentines had a better shot.

The last game of the Colombians will be this Saturday against Czech Republicgame for honor, from 11 am.

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