Co-operation negotiations “Sad” – The threat of closing the classic ice cream factory made Sipoo people confused and wondered about the miracle of creating more jobs in Helsinki’s eastern neighbor

Unilever plans to discontinue ice cream production in Sipoo and is considering relocating production to Sweden. The people of Sipoo received the news from below.

One According to Sipoo, there are three well-known things in Sipoo: Hjallis Harkimo, Hartwall and ice cream factory.

Now one of these is in danger of disappearing, as Unilever plans to stop ice cream production in Sipoo and relocate production elsewhere.

At its Sipoon plant, the company is launching co-operation negotiations involving a maximum of 64 employees.

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Ice cream production has a long tradition in Sipoo, as the factory has been producing ice cream since 1978.

Unilever acquired the ice cream business in 2011, but many locals still talk about the plant as Ingman’s ice cream plant.

HS visited Söderkulla in Sipoo on Wednesday night and asked what thoughts about stopping ice cream production in the locals would give rise to. Many of the people interviewed had not yet heard the news of the cessation of production.

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Lived in Sipoo for 20 years Antti Korpiniemi is amazed to hear the news.

“It’s a bad thing, both in terms of employment and primary production. It is always sad when domestic production stops. In the future, we have to look even more closely at the fact that the ice cream I buy is domestic. ”

Antti Korpiniemi is upset about the downsizing of ice cream production: “This has a big negative effect on employment in the area.”

Also from Porvoo on a passing trip Jarmo Rytinki has not heard the news, but regrets that another company is moving production out of Finland.

“It’s sad. The ice cream hardly gets worse whether it is made in Finland or Sweden, but this is a bad thing for entrepreneurship. It would be important for production to remain in Finland. ”

Jarmo Rytink thinks it would be important to keep ice cream production in Finland.

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Jani Rahja has only moved to Sipoo seven months ago, but knows the ice cream factory.

“I drive past it every day. It is unfortunate that production is being stopped, there are not many big employers in Sipoo, so this is a loss for the municipality. ”

According to Jani Rahja, the cessation of ice cream production is a great loss for the municipality of Sipoo.

The same lines are also Kristjan Voll. He doesn’t know anyone working at the factory, but he regrets losing his job.

“There are not many jobs here, so the municipality of Sipoo should now think about how to get companies here.”

Kristjan Vollin thinks it is a pity that so many lose their jobs when ice cream production is stopped in Sipoo.

Also Elina Hämäläinen hopes that Sipoo residents will have more jobs in Sipoo.

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“It’s miserable that a local job is being lost. It would be good to have jobs elsewhere than just in Helsinki. I am not in favor of centralization. ”

Elina Hämäläinen would like not all jobs to be in the center of Helsinki.

SipoonThe factory produces Ingman ice cream cones and one-liter ice cream packs, among others, and Jättis, Kingis and Solero are also made at this factory.

The Kingis stick is advertised with the phrase: Finnish taste.

In the future, ice cream suitable for Finnish tastes may be made in Sweden, as production is likely to move there.

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