Climate The hybridization of the participants and the fight against fatigue, where adrenaline pays off. HS Vision found out what is behind the scenes of the UN climate summit and how decisions really come about.

Environmental Adviser Marjo Nummelin (left) has represented Finland at UN climate meetings, Christiana Figueres is “the best climate negotiator in the world” and Bernaditas de Castro Muller was known in the negotiations by the nickname “dragon”.

The UN climate summit sets global climate goals. In the event, a thousand negotiators pull the strings simultaneously, and the right negotiations take place behind the scenes. It’s a murky game.

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Joakim Westrén-Doll HS


“Than would try to get 196 cats to move in the same direction ”.

This is how the sign diplomat described the climate negotiations Daniel Reifsnyder, when the media asked from him the moods under the Paris Climate Summit in 2015.

As Reifsnyder prepared to lead the speeches, he saw herds of cats in his mind.

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