Climate “I’m not doing an electric car, not even an electric Mustang” – EU climate package ponders motorists

Motorists are concerned about, among other things, the price of electric cars and the adequacy of charging points.

EU: N on Wednesday, the commission presented its climate package, which proposes significant measures for motoring, among other things.

According to the Commission’s proposal, the average emissions of new cars must be reduced by 55% by 2030 and by 100% by 2035.

From 2035 onwards, all new cars registered must therefore be zero-emission.

Anniina Kervinen would be ready to switch to an electric car if their prices fall.

HERTTONIEMEN motorists reached from the car concentration on Wednesday reacted to the news about car emission limits mostly moderately.

Anniina Kervisen according to the goal is good in itself.

“But of course if people are forced into a certain kind of mold, that’s also an interesting thing.”

He says electric cars are still so expensive that his family can’t afford to switch to one. They need a car to commute to work and children’s hobbies every day.

“We also have three children, so we should find a car that can accommodate the whole family.”

If the price of zero-emission cars drops down in the coming years, Kervinen is ready to change cars.

YANKERS hobbyist Teemu Raatikainen think there are still a lot of question marks in electric cars.

“I don’t do an electric car, I don’t even do an electric Mustang.”

Raatikainen does not believe that driving on petrol cars will end for a long time.

“I guess these old ones can still be shaved. I don’t know where to get petrol anymore, but I guess you can get it somewhere. ”

According to him, electric cars have their own problems, for example, with regard to batteries and charging points.

“Whether they are more environmentally friendly then, no one knows yet.”

“Finland is a bit of a tough country in that there are not enough recharging points here. In Lapland, when there is frost on the ground and there are no quick charging points, the batteries freeze. ”

Raatikainen is also concerned about employment in the car industry.

Pauli Ikonen hopes that he will no longer have to drive a car in the future.

Pauli Icon believes that the current diesel car is his last. After a year, he will retire, so he will no longer need a car for business trips.

In 2035, he hopes to travel mainly by taxi.

For me, it’s exactly the same. I will hardly drive again at that time. ”

He has nothing against electric cars.

“They are nice. There is usually enough power. ”

His car exported for repair Andrei Swietlicki believes that renewing the car fleet will be challenging.

“If you think electric cars need batteries.”

According to him, it is pointless to switch to using an electric car in between, but it would be worthwhile to switch to hydrogen cars right away.

EU: N the emission reduction target is to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

The climate package now presented is only the Commission’s proposal for EU legislation. The decision-making power lies with the member states and the EU Parliament. There is still a long period of negotiations ahead in which the Commission’s proposals will become laws binding on EU countries.

Andrei Swietlicki believes that the renewal of the car fleet will be slow.



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