Climate change The ice cubes in Civic Square melted almost completely in a few days – “It doesn’t matter because the goal was to bring perhaps the most important topic in the world to the discussion,” says the artist

The initial estimate was that the ice cubes would melt in more than a week.

Helsinki The ice work, which was published on the Citizens’ Market on Friday, had already melted almost completely on Sunday afternoon.

The nine giant ice sculptures were part of a ensemble of works, which also includes the names of the cities written in the cobblestones and a whistling composition reflecting the climate stress playing in the wooden pavilion.

City names baptized by melting ice compare to the impact of sea level rise due to climate change.

The work are designed by an architect Erkko Aarti and the composer Cecilia Damström. The implementation of the ice sculptures was the responsibility of a specialist in snow and ice construction Seppo Mäkinen.

Hilly evaluates Helsingin Sanomat on Friday that the ice will melt in more than a week. In reality, the work disappeared almost completely in three days. How did this happen?

According to Mäkinen, the sun’s UV radiation and warm rain over the weekend melted the work faster than expected.

“Ten days was the goal. We had a test piece melting outside the Kivikko ski hall, and it lasted almost ten days, ”he says.

The waste work was unveiled on Friday, August 6th.

However, the weather conditions were different during the test.

Mäkinen would have liked the work to have lasted longer, even though the ice cubes were meant to melt.

“However, the message got through. The work stopped people. They were quiet when they touched the ice and saw that the ice was melting in their hands. ”

Architect Treasure’s feelings are contradictory.

“On the opening day, the work would suck passers-by to try ice. It would have been nice if the effect could have been offered to more people, ”says Aarti.

On the other hand, the rapid melting of ice fit the theme of the work. ICE – Indisputable Case of Emergency called Awakening People to Wake Up to Climate Change.

“In a way, melting doesn’t hurt because the goal was to raise perhaps the world’s most important topic for discussion. Now climate change on Citizens’ History progressed dramatically. Not everything goes according to the script or the pre-given time frame. ”

The ice work gathered the audience on the opening day on August 6th.



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