Climate change Swedish study: Men’s consumption patterns cause more emissions than women’s

The study also found that switching from food to plant products and using trains to travel instead of cars and planes reduced emissions by 40%.

Gentlemen and women consume about the same amount, but men consume 16 percent more emissions. The matter is clear Swedish research, which examined the consumption of single men and women. News about the study The Guardian.

The biggest difference was found in car fuels, for which men spent more money than women.

Research more than half of both men’s and women’s consumption came from food and leisure travel. However, men’s holidays generated more emissions than women’s holidays.

According to the study, by replacing meat and dairy products with plant-based products and changing the holiday vehicle to a train instead of cars and planes, emissions were reduced by 40%. Nor do they require a large initial investment, such as the purchase of an electric car.

“Consumption patterns are very stereotypical: women spend more on home decor, health and clothing,” Annika Carlsson Kanyama said Ecoloop, which conducted the study.

“Men spend more money on car fuel, eating out, alcohol and tobacco.”

Carlsson Kanyama said he was surprised at how much people spend on holidays.

In years Surveys in 2010 and 2012 found that men spend more money than women on emitting energy and meat products.

“I am surprised that gender differences in climate impact have not been studied more. The differences are clear and don’t seem to be disappearing in the near future, ”said Carlsson Kanyama.



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