Classic recipe The professional chef reveals the ways in which an ordinary omelet becomes a restaurant-level delicacy

If you want your omelet to succulent, fry it over medium heat just barely cooked.

Multi we can bake an omelet.

But with a few tricks, you can get a better-than-usual, restaurant-level treat from an everyday quick lunch or snack.

Professional chef Jouni Toivanen thinks these three things are worth remembering:

  1. Pour the egg mass into a pan heated over medium heat. Bake for only about 1-2 minutes until the omelet is barely ripe.

  2. The omelet should be thin. Three eggs and a medium-sized pan is a good memory rule. An omelet of three eggs is enough for lunch for one person.

  3. Use a coated frying pan to remove the omelet intact.

Omelette thus, it is generated very quickly, in less than ten minutes.

According to Toivanen, the best result comes when the omelet is baked at medium heat. An omelette cooked on low heat stays fluffy and succulent, on too high a heat the omelet easily becomes dry.

Once the curd has been poured into a frying pan, the omelet is left to bake for about 5 to 10 seconds until the bottom is slightly clotted. The egg mass is then started to move towards the center of the pan with a fork mixer, shaking the pan slightly with one hand. Toivanen says that when the mass is moved with a fork mixer, the omelet becomes fluffy and ripens more evenly.

Stop baking when the omelet is barely ripe. Finally, sprinkle parmesan and chives on top of the omelet. Shrimp or fried mushrooms are also good for filling the omelet.

The recipe has appeared earlier in Gloria’s Food & Wine.


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