Clara Chía got tired: unexpected reaction after photos with Piqué at Shakira’s house


Clara Chia and Shakira

Clara Chia and Shakira.


Twitter @Clagerfans, YouTube Shakira

Clara Chia and Shakira.

The publication of the images did not like anything. The young woman takes the upper hand again.

Shakira, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí continue to be in the news due to their personal lives in 2023. The singer from Barranquilla, the former Spanish player and the young Catalan have formed a triad that does not stop appearing in the entertainment media for a single day.

Since Shakira and Piqué announced their separation, new blows are evident every week. And the last thing that was known had to do with some images of Clara Chía, the new girlfriend of the former Barcelona defender, in Shakira’s supposed old mansion in Barcelona.

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Under this surprise, which was highlighted in the tabloids, an unexpected reaction from the worker of the Kosmos company, owned by Piqué, came to light.

(You can read: The photos of Clara Chía in Shakira’s house).

Clara Chía reacts after photos in Shakira’s old house

Clara Chia, Piqué and Shakira.


Screenshot, @Shakira

After Clara Chía received criticism for allegedly entering Shakira’s old house, the young Catalan decided to close her Instagram account.

“Although there have been several media that pointed out that the young woman has taken a load off her shoulders with Shakira’s departure to Miami, which has led to some media interest, the truth is that she does not seem to want to star in any news and has preferred to close his Instagram account in the face of leaks“, says ‘Vanitatis’, a medium that has followed the issue from day one.

Apparently, as in the beginning of Piqué and Shakira’s novel, Clara Chía chose to stay away from social networks. It remains to be seen if it stops being news.

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