Civil protection Finland’s preparations for the conflict were repeatedly featured in the international media

A British newspaper that visited the Helsinki Civil Protection writes about Finland’s preparations for a military attack.

Finland the network of civil protection is attracting worldwide interest. The subject wrote on Friday about the British The Guardianwho spoke about his visit to the civil shelter in Helsinki ‘s Merihaa for sports use.

The Guardian describes underground sports centers as being rapidly deployed for bomb shelter if the worst fears of Ukraine’s war spread to other Russia’s neighbors materialize. The magazine writes that the construction of the Finnish civil protection network began in the 1960s – partly as a result of the experiences of 1939-40, ie the winter war with the Soviet Union.

Civil protection has so far been used not only as sports facilities but also as car parks and warehouses, according to the magazine. Now their role has been emphasized in a new way as Finland renews the foundations of its entire security policy.

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The magazine also highlights Finland’s general conscription, which has been widely abandoned in many other European countries since the end of the Cold War.

“For decades, Finland has been prepared for a possible conflict with its neighbor at every level of society,” says a researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute who was interviewed by The Guardian. Carly Salonius-Pasternak.

World however, even the happiest state is said to be far from a military state.

“It’s only natural to bring a raincoat in case the day gets cloudy,” Salonius-Pasternak explains Finland’s strategy to The Guardian.

Finland’s preparations were previously presented in an international economic publication Financial Times. In addition to civil protection and military service, it highlighted, among other things, extensive security stocks.

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