Cinemas Cinamon withdraws from Tripla, Bio Rex opens six new halls – “Korona claimed its victims,” says Cinamon Country Director

“Korona demanded her sacrifice,” says Cinamon’s country director, who is retiring from Tripla.

Cinema chain Bio Rex will open six cinemas in the Tripla shopping center in Helsinki. The theater opens to the public in late summer.

Bio Rex is renovating the theaters, which it therefore rents from the shopping center. In practice, therefore, the cinemas of the film company Cinamon will become the cinemas of Bio Rex.

CEO of Bio Rex Aku Jaakkola says that the cinemas will be renovated somewhat, but he does not give details at this stage.

Film company Cinamon is thus withdrawing from the Tripla shopping center, the company’s country manager Antti Knuuttila says.

“The corona demanded its sacrifice. It is unfortunate for us, ”he says, referring to the fact that the corona pandemic and related restrictions contributed to the closure of Cinamon.

The tenant of the theater premises Tripla and Cinamon could not reach an agreement on the terms of the continuation in their negotiations.

In the future, Cinamon will focus on developing its cinema operations in the Red shopping center, Knuuttila says.

In Red, the Cinamon Theater will open on Friday, June 11, after corona restrictions.



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