Church The diocese of the diocese of Helsinki arrests Pastor Kai Sadinmaa from the priesthood for six months

The decision will take effect immediately.

Pastor Kai Sadinmaa will be suspended from office for six months, the diocesan chapter of the diocese of Helsinki decided on Wednesday. The decision will take effect immediately.

The reason is Sadinmaa’s speeches, writings, and sermons in which he has denied the teaching of the Evangelical Lutheran Church about the office of priest, for example, the need for a separate ordination to the priesthood. Kapituli held that the denial of the special priesthood and the ordination to the priesthood required by it, as well as the incitement to violate the principles of the sacrament, had consistently led to the severance of the ecclesial connection.

Kapitulin decision according to Sadinmaa, he is ordered to lose his priesthood if he has not requested his resignation during the time of his arrest or has shown that he wishes to remain in recognition of the church.

The news first Yle.

Sadinmaa has been in front of the doomsday before. In the fall of 2017 he received a serious reproach from the captain on the marriage of same-sex couples after the gender-neutral marriage law had entered into force in the spring of the same year. Then Sadinmaa locked himself in the footstool In front of the Diocesan Chapter of the Diocese of Helsinki on the Boulevard.

Sadinmaa took the captain’s decision to the administrative court. The court dismissed the appeal as inadmissible on the ground that Sadinmaa had not received the sanctions provided for in the Church Act but only a serious reprimand.


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