Chongqing: the Chinese city where the train passes between the apartments



Subway passes apartment building

Subway passes apartment building

Chongqing is located in a very mountainous region. More than 30 million people live there.

Chongqing is the third most populous city in China, with 31 million inhabitants, and is located in the entire center of the country at the junction between the Yangtze River and the Jialing River.

The city has a amazing public transportation system in particular the metro, which was built with different planning problems. Nevertheless, the solution of chinese engineers it has left architectural jewels like the one we will see below.

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In the center of the city, near the banks of the Jialing River, is Liziba metro station. The amazing thing about this station is that it is located inside an apartment building.

And it is that due to the lack of spaces in the city, when they were building line two of the metro, the architects and engineers had to resort to locating the station inside the building.

This has allowed a very interesting view of the train entering through a building that appears to be residential. The transport then drops off its passengers and exits on the opposite side of the residential building to continue on its route.

chongqing is a city located in the center of China at 224 meters high above sea level in a very mountainous region.

This, added to the huge population and lack of space, made the construction and planning of the city much more complicated than on flat terrain, which has forced engineers to take different creative solutions such as this, to locate a station subway inside a building.


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