China | The herd of elephants continues its unexplained march across China, but one has fallen from the crowd

Experts are still confused about where the elephants are heading.

China’s a member of a wild elephant rushing through has fallen from the crowd, news agencies say. The main herd of 14 elephants stopped on Friday in a forest near the city of Yuxi, but one of the members of the herd was about 12 miles away.

A herd of three elephant sons began their unexplained journey north more than a year ago. The herd has marched from the elephant sanctuary in Xishuangbanna, close to the Myanmar border, about 500 kilometers north.

During the previous four days, one of the members of the herd abstained.

China’s state television monitors the movements of the elephant flock 24 hours a day. Hundreds of people and dozens of unmanned aircraft have been sent to follow the movements of the herd as it has passed through fields, barns and residential buildings in Yunnan Province. People have been evacuated from the herd’s path, and farmers have already suffered millions of euros in damage.

The herd moved on the outskirts of Kunming, the provincial capital, last week. Authorities have sought to prevent the herd from approaching densely populated areas.

Experts are puzzled about where the elephants are heading and why they left the nature reserve last year.

Yunnan the number of wild elephants in the area is about 300. The population has grown in recent decades, with less than 200 elephants in the 1980s, Chinese news agency Xinhua says.

According to local authorities, elephants have increasingly marched in villages and destroyed grain crops in recent years.

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