China | Scientists: China is building more than a hundred missile silos in the desert

The researchers noticed the project from satellite images.

1.7. 19:58

In China more than a hundred missile silos are under construction in the desert in the western part of the country, they say The Washington Post and The Guardian.

Researchers at the U.S. Middlebury Institute in Monterey, California, discovered an extensive construction project near the city of Yumen by analyzing satellite images of Gansu Province.

There are at least 119 silos, and researchers say it is likely to hold intercontinental missiles.

The structures are reminiscent of China’s nuclear missile silos in Mongolia, and scientists speculate that China will expand its nuclear capabilities.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute according to data, China is believed to have about 350 nuclear warheads, well fewer than the United States and Russia, which each have thousands of nuclear warheads.

Researchers point out that almost all silos do not necessarily contain nuclear tips, but are built in obscurity so that the actual location of the nuclear tips is not revealed.

Investigator Jeffrey Lewisin however, it seems clear that China is increasing its readiness.

“We believe China will expand its nuclear forces in part to maintain a deterrent that would survive the U.S. attack with sufficient resources,” Lewis commented to The Washington Post.



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