China | Finns’ business trips to China are getting easier and cheaper – Tourists still can’t enter the country

The rules for China’s domestic tourism also seem to be relaxing.


China has announced this week that it will significantly relax its entry rules related to the coronavirus, as foreign chambers of commerce have loudly demanded in China.

Tourists are still not allowed into China, but business travelers are getting a little easier, even if it is not easy to get business visas.

The rest of the world has opened up, but business travel to China has been painfully difficult, and many foreigners living in China have moved out of the country.

The easements for entry announced now are China’s largest during the entire corona period.

First China announced that the centralized hotel quarantine for immigrants will be shortened from two weeks to one week. In addition to this, those coming to China only need to spend three days in home isolation.

At worst, the immigrant had to spend at least three weeks in China’s quarantine tube containing different levels, and in some cities even two months.

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Now we are waiting when different cities in China will implement the new rule. In some cities, the shortened quarantine has already been in use.

For Finns the biggest positive news is the change in flight rules. Starting today, the last of June, Finns no longer have to fly to China on direct flights, but can also fly via other countries, the Chinese Embassy in Finland said on Wednesday evening.

Previously, Finns could only fly on direct flights from Finland to China by Finnair and the Chinese Juneyao. There are few flights, and flights from Finland to China had to be booked several months in advance. They often cost thousands of euros.

Now you can get tickets to China quickly and much cheaper, as Finns can fly to China with many companies and via any route.

The previous rule defined by China was as follows: if there are direct flights from the applicant’s home country, they may only come to China on these flights. There have been no direct flights from many countries during the corona period, so Finns are suffering more than many others.

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Now the rule is apparently changing all over the world.

of The South China Morning Post according to China has also decided a week ago to allow visits by Close Relatives living abroad to people living permanently in China.

Despite the easing, the rules for entering China are still very strict.

The Chinese domestic tourists also just received good news. The universally feared star was removed from the “health app” on the mobile phones of everyone living in China.

The star pattern appeared in the application if you lived or visited a place where there had recently been corona cases. It was almost impossible to travel within the country for the next two weeks after receiving the constellation. For a long time, for example, all Shanghainese and Beijingers had one.

Now we are watching with excitement how much the departure of the star will make domestic travel easier. China also has a public list of cities and districts where there have been recent corona cases. Many cities and hotels have also followed this list when choosing visitors.

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The easing of strict corona rules has made the residents of China cautiously optimistic. However, China still vows to strictly adhere to the so-called zero policy: as soon as there are corona cases, measures are tightened.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping last emphasized on Wednesday that the zero-sum policy is important, even if it temporarily eats into economic growth.

in Shanghai there was a very strict closure in the spring and early summer, previously there was a similar one in the city of Xi’an, for example. In Beijing, too, schools, restaurants and some blocks were sometimes closed, but Beijing’s actions were quite mild compared to many other Chinese cities.

In several large cities, residents have to go through this wound practically every third day in a public corona test.

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