China | Chinese media released a video of Jack Masta, the founder of Alibaba, who had been out in public for months

Jack Man’s previous public appearance was seen at the end of last October. At the time, he criticized the Chinese authorities at a business forum in Shanghai.

Billionaire Jack Man, The founder of the Alibaba e-commerce company, is said to have appeared in public for the first time in months. Chinese Tianmu News released a video on its website on Wednesday saying it says Man is speaking at a video-mediated awards ceremony for teachers.

At the end of the article, Man’s speech is written open word for word.

Tianmu News is managed by a subsidiary of Zhejiang Province’s official newspaper. According to it, the video was shot on Wednesday.

Man the previous public appearance was seen last at the end of October. At the time, he spoke at a business forum in Shanghai.

In his speech, he criticized China for the antiquity of the country’s economic system. Ma called the Chinese banking system a thunderstorm club and the attitude of the financial supervisor a “pawnbroken momentum”. He mentioned the president Xi Jingpingin twice, but criticizes this only moderately.

Tianmu Newsin in the speech quoted, Ma praised China’s efforts in favor of the Communist regime’s prominent goal, poverty reduction. Former English teacher Ma promised to offer more help to teachers herself from now on.

“My colleagues and I are increasingly determined to dedicate ourselves to education and public well-being. – – [Kiina] has entered a new phase of development and is moving towards general well-being, ”he said, according to Tianmu News.

Many critics of the Chinese leadership have disappeared from public view in recent years, after which they have either been imprisoned or seen on the dock of the accused.


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