China | China is about to begin a trial of Canadians arrested more than two years ago

Former diplomat Michael Kovrig and consultant Michael Spavor were arrested in China in 2018.

China is launching lawsuits to find out the fate of two long – detained Canadians, the Canadian government said on Wednesday, according to news agency AFP.

China arrested a former diplomat Michael Kovrigin and consultant Michael Spavorin 2018 as an apparent retaliation shortly after Canada arrested Huawei’s Chinese CFO Meng Wanzhoun At the request of the United States, on charges of fraud.

The gap between Beijing and Ottawa has cooled since the arrests. China accuses Canadians of espionage, and has denied the charges were revenge.

Canada bulletin according to the men’s trials are scheduled to begin on Friday and Monday. The charges were brought in June last year.

Canada foreign minister Marc Garneu said he was deeply concerned about the transparency of the trials and reiterated his view that the arrests were arbitrary.

Canada has demanded that consuls be allowed to meet with men and asked consuls to have access to trials. Kovrig is held in a cell in Beijing and Spavoria in Dandong.

In the Chinese legal system, most of those tried are convicted. According to the AFP, Canadian men face up to life imprisonment if convicted of espionage and state secrets.

Meng has been under house arrest in Vancouver and fought against his extradition to the United States.

Canada arrested Meng at Vancouver Airport during a stopover in December 2018. Nine days later, China arrested the Canadians.

Meng is the daughter of the founder and CEO of the Chinese company Huawei. The United States accuses Meng of violating Iran’s economic sanctions, which Meng denies.

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