China | A Canadian consultant convicted of espionage in China has collaborated extensively with the North Korean dictator

Among other things, the Canadian man organized a visit to North Korea by basketball star Dennis Rodman.

Canadian businessman and consultant Michael Spavor was sentenced on Wednesday to 11 years in prison for espionage in China. The Canadian government has called the verdict political.

Spavor has had excellent relations with North Korea. There are photographs of him posing as a North Korean dictator Kim Jong-unin with Kim on a luxury yacht.

According to news agency AFP, Spavor played a key role as a basketball star Dennis Rodmanin Organizing a visit to North Korea. The visit in 2011 has been considered one of Kim Jong-un’s key propaganda victories.

Spavor lived until his arrest in the city of Dandong in northern China near the North Korean border. He had his own consulting firm, Paektu Exchanges, on whose behalf Spavor said he was helping companies enter the North Korean market.

North Korea is subject to several international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons and missile programs, for example.

Basketball star Dennis Rodman pictured left. Second from the right is Michael Spavor and on the right is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Spavor was arrested in 2018 along with another Canadian Michael Kovrigin with. The arrests took place shortly after Canada arrested the CFO of the Chinese technology company Huawei at the request of the United States. Meng Wanzhoun.

Spavorin the verdict was pronounced just a day after another Canadian citizen was sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) says there are ten days to appeal the verdict.

Canadian Ambassador to China Dominic Bartonin according to Spavor, photographs which he would have taken of places which may not be photographed were presented as evidence. These include the Chinese Revolutionary Army Air Force aircraft, the SCMP says.

Dandongin court according to Spavor is also ordered to be deported.

The Canadian foreign minister had no information at the time of Finnish time on Wednesday evening whether China intends to expel Spavor any earlier than this has suffered its verdict, the Reuters news agency reported.



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