Children “Sports and sport should be made possible for children and young people” – sports federations sent an open letter to Minister Saariko

The letter raises concerns about the significant negative effects of immobility on children and young people.

Eight a large sports federation has been sent an open letter by the Minister of Science and Culture To Annika Saariko appealing for sport and exercise for children and young people.

The letter emphasizes that the sports and sports community has acted responsibly in accordance with the instructions of the authorities, which has meant, among other things, the partial restriction or suspension of sports and sports activities.

“Children and young people need exercise and sports despite the coronavirus,” the letter insists.

“We understand that keeping the epidemic under control requires restrictions, but they should be proportionate to the current disease situation.”

In addition to the Finnish Olympic Committee, the letter has been signed by the Finnish federations of football, floorball, volleyball, gymnastics, handball, hockey and basketball.

In the letter concerns are expressed about the significant negative effects of immobility on children and young people.

“The further the restrictions extend, the more serious and far-reaching disadvantages the situation will cause for children and young people to exercise. There is a danger that entire age groups will be lost from exercise and sports. ”

The mobility of children and young people has decreased significantly during the corona pandemic.

“In our view, children and young people are at risk of a‘ new normal ’from a situation where exercise cannot be practiced. The longer the hobby break lasts, the more difficult it is for the “new normal” to return to a physically active hobby. ”

Junior and the number of young enthusiasts is declining. In addition to the decline, it is seen as a threat that many will not start a hobby or many of those who are already engaged in the activity will stop the hobby.

As a result of the reduction in the number of enthusiasts, the activities of the clubs may also have to be closed down.

“Even in exceptional circumstances, safe ways must be found for children to exercise – not obstacles. The political will must turn from restricting the exercise of children and young people to making it possible. ”

HS said on Tuesdaythat only some private sports venues follow the recommendation to keep their halls closed. It allows corona regulations to be circumvented and team drills conducted in violation of the rules.

In November HS reported On the coronavirus situation of Espoo sports clubs. At that time, members of clubs under the age of 15 had 38 infections throughout the year. There are about 22,000 members in clubs.

The Metropolitan Corona Coordination Group is expected to know on Thursday whether restrictions on hobbies for children and young people will continue, or whether it will be possible to return to indoor hobbies.


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