Children Children with disabilities had to go outdoors in a cage-delimited area – the municipality justified the lack of funds

The municipality paid a total of EUR 10,000 in compensation to three children at the end of the reconciliation process with the Equality Ombudsman.

At the table The municipality in Southwest Finland has paid a total of 10,000 euros in compensation for disabled children who had to go out to school in a caged area, the Equality Ombudsman said on Thursday.

The outdoor area was delimited by construction site fences. According to the Equality Ombudsman, the segregation of children with disabilities from other pupils created an atmosphere of humiliation and degradation for pupils with disabilities.

The conciliation process involved three students, to whom the municipality paid a total of 10,000 euros in compensation for the discrimination.

The municipality justified the arrangement on the grounds of the safety of the pupils, as there is a busy road near the school. The municipal board of education acknowledged that the best solution would have been to build a fence around the entire school yard, but no funds had been allocated for fencing at the time, the Equality Commissioner says.

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Since then, the entire school area has been fenced in and all children can go outside there without separation.

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