Childbirth Childbirth is at a turning point, and unfortunate experiences are no longer silent – Pain researcher Riikka Holopainen experienced her first birth, which gives clues to the future

In the wake of the #metoo movement, rights are now being demanded for mothers. We are talking about childbirth violence. That means you can walk over your mother, even when it comes to her body. What kind of memory does a pain researcher have after childbirth?

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Massage, exercise ball, TNS device in the pocket – pain researcher Riikka Holopainen and doctor Markku Strandman alleviate the pain caused by contractions in many ways at home. The face should be kept relaxed.­

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The child the calculated time of birth is exactly one month. It is the sixth day of November. We’re sitting Riikka Holopaisen and Markku Strandmanin at the kitchen table in Lappeenranta and we talk about everything related to childbirth. Exciting, what is it like in coaching, are there any pains already?

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