Childbirth A Malian woman is said to have given birth to nine children on Tuesday

Originally, a 25-year-old woman was thought to give birth to seven children on ultrasound.

Malian woman has given birth to nine children in Morocco, the Malian administration said on Tuesday. Extraordinary childbirth has not been confirmed by the Moroccan authorities.

The Malian administration said it had flown a 25-year-old mother to Morocco to get better care.

The woman was originally thought to give birth to seven children on ultrasound. Giving birth to seven living children is very rare, and even rarer is giving birth to nine children.

Morocco the health minister has no information on the case, but according to a statement from the Malian ministry of health, five girls and four boys were born by caesarean section.

Minister of Health of Mali reached by the news agency AFP Fanta Siby said the mother and children are doing well and returning home in a few weeks. The information Siby said he received from a Malian doctor who had traveled with his mother to Morocco.

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