Child killed by his father, no protection applied for the child of Varese

Child killed by his father in Varese, what protection for the minor stabbed by his father in the province of Varese?

How a child can be chosen as the victim of one’s emotional defeats is a fact that escapes all human understanding. The awareness that there are our fellow citizens, neighbors or neighborhoods who have such confidence with absolute evil, the deprivation of the life of a minor, causes emotional repugnance but requires a qualitative leap in our reaction and cannot exempt us from asking ourselves some questions. The minor and holder of rights consecrated in the New York Convention of 1989 made executive by law of 1991. Article 19 of that convention states:

States Parties shall take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child and young person from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or neglect, mistreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, for as long as they are in the care of their parent (s), legal guardian or any other person performing this function.

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Which of these measures have been adopted for the protection of the rights of a minor who is left alone at the mercy of a father in home detention for attempted murder against a colleague? Did the right of the father to entertain relations with his son and the subjection of the minor to meet his father even if violent, with all the associated risks, prevailed, as often happens?

It would be interesting to read the motivation of the measure with which this right of visit to the father has been recognized. And the doubt is not strange if you think about how many times, even in the case of domestic violence, in the face of the minor’s refusal to meet his father, the mother is identified as guilty, who allegedly manipulated the minor to induce such refusal and it only superficially investigates the deep reasons for which it is the minor, in the first person. which expresses such hostility.

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The awareness that the minor is the direct holder of rights is still late in coming and this is an unforgivable limit of adult-centered culture. The principle of the prevalence of “best interests of the child“In all the decisions of the public institutions that involve it, it is not optional and its denial cannot only be the object of social confusion but must be punished like any violation of the law.

On this violation, what concrete signal do the institutions and the Minister of Justice intend to give to verify that all decisions have been taken in compliance with these rules?

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