Chess Elon Musk shocked by saying chess was a simple game – the top professional’s acknowledgment was perfect

Musk thinks a computer game is a better strategy game than chess.

When the richest man in the world finds something, it gathers a lot of attention. now known, among other things, as the founder of Tesla Elon Musk has commented on chess on Twitter and left no comment.

“Chess is a simple game. Understandable, when we only had to play with squirrels and rocks, but now we have computers, ”Musk tweeted.

With his tweet, Musk comments on the game situation in chess, with 69 trillion options to play.

In his second tweet, Musk argues that the video game Polytopia is much better if you like strategy games.

Not a big surprise is that Musk’s comment causes quite a splash of comments and, among other things, game challenges. For example, a chess master Rakesh Kulkarni writes, “If you lose, I’ll get Tesla!”

A lot of admiration is gathered by the top professional of the chess, the American Hikaru Nakamuran a short acknowledgment: “I literally don’t care.”

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Some commentators also think Musk has been misunderstood. If chess is compared to some computer games, there are fewer solution options. In addition, there are mentions that the computer can beat even the grand masters of chess.

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