Cheerleading | Finland’s cheerleading team was disappointed with the World Cup silver, but bronze in cheer dance

The women’s cheer team, which entered the competition as four-time winners, had to settle for silver.

Finland has achieved a bronze place in the cheer dance World Championships in the USA, says Finnish Cheerleading Association in its announcement. The victory in the cheer dance series was won by the United States and silver by Japan.

“You have to be proud of the team. There is no such thing as a perfect performance, but the team made two really successful performances this year and enjoyed what they did,” commented the head coach of the national cheer dance team Mila Tanttu in the bulletin.

“We were able to show really great skills on the World Cup stage and bring out the visuals of the choreography nicely. We showed how Finnish cheer dancing has taken a leap forward again,” he continued.

In quadruple The women’s cheerleading team, which set out to claim its fifth victory as champions, was disappointed when the competition was left with a silver medal.

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“It’s not what we came for. We came to win the championship, and the program was accordingly. Risks are in the program when we set out to win, and now those risks materialized for us and there were a couple of mistakes that surprised us a little”, said the team’s head coach Maria Wahlroos In the video of the Finnish Cheerleading Association.

The victory of the competition went to the United States. Norway took third place.

“Of course it’s a really sad feeling. We had a really good race day and feeling until that performance, and it was really nice on the race mat. As Maria said, the mistake at the end was so surprising”, commented the team captain Tuuve Häkkinen.

The winning team USA collected 94.0 points, Finland 88.14 points and Norway 82.71 points.

The Finnish mixed team was sixth in its series, and failed to repeat its medal position from last year.

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In total, Finland brings home three medals from the USA Games, as the girls’ cheer team won the World Cup silver in the junior series on Friday.

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