Change negotiations | The software company Futurice begins change negotiations for the entire Finland unit

Futurice will start change negotiations concerning the entire Finnish organization, which may lead to layoffs.

Software- and the consulting company Futurice starts change negotiations. The negotiations are based on the uncertain demand for IT services, says the CEO of Futurice Simo Leisti for HS.

The entire Finnish organization of Futurice is involved in the change negotiations. Futurice has approximately 470 employees in Finland.

According to Leist, change negotiations can lead to staff layoffs. The layoffs would not apply to employees who are currently doing billable consulting work.

“There are basically no layoffs,” he says.

I used to however, the negotiations aim to find out other ways to react to the uncertain demand situation at the end of the year, in order to avoid layoffs.

Futurice’s previous change negotiations ended in June. They led to the dismissal of seven employees.

Futurice’s change negotiations were reported earlier TV.

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