Chancellor of Justice Halla-aho and Orpo do not demand resignation from Chancellor of Justice Pöyst – Attempts are being made to shift responsibility for the quality of drafting away from the government, Halla-aho says

Orpo: “These are serious institutions that cannot be dismissed by a vote.”

The largest the chairmen of the opposition parties, ie the basic Finns and the Coalition Party, do not demand the resignation of the Chancellor of Justice, as the overall responsibility for drafting the law lies with the government.

HS asked Jussi Halla-kurta and Petteri Orpolta, would the Chancellor of Justice become Tuomas Pöystin resign on the basis of emails made public on Friday. They revealed that he had advised the Prime Minister on communications and writing the text of the law.

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Jussi Halla-aho, the chairman of Basic Finns, emphasizes the responsibility of the government. According to him, the opposition now has no confidence in the prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) the quality of government drafting.

HS said on Friday, on the basis of the reports, Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti seems to have participated in the drafting of the articles of the bill on movement restrictions and also advised the government on how the message would be worthwhile.

Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti.­

“I have there is a suspicion that these messages are being deliberately leaked from Marin’s cabinet in order to shift responsibility for the quality of drafting to someone other than the government, which, however, is responsible for it, ”Halla-aho tells HS.

According to Halla-aho, the Prime Minister’s communication with the Chancellor of Justice became similar to the corresponding recent communication with the Director of the Health Safety Department of THL, Department of Health and Welfare. Mika Salmisen with.

This week, a controversy arose over how strongly The THL just recommended movement restrictions to curb the pandemic.

“Government is now working to create a firewall between itself and responsibility. The aim is to sacrifice even the Chancellor of Justice, even though the government alone is responsible for drafting the law, ”says Halla-aho.

According to Halla-aho, however, Pöyst’s operations now seem special anyway, for example in the case of VTV, the State Audit Office. Last week, the Parliamentary Committee decided to arrest VTV’s CEO Tytti Yli-Viikarin office during the ongoing pre-trial investigation by the Central Criminal Police.

Yli-Viikari’s career at VTV progressed rapidly when Pöysti was the CEO, wrote, for example, Ilta-Sanomat.

“No now there is no trust in the Chancellor of Justice either, ”says Halla-aho.

Halla-aho estimates that Pöysti himself would have already expanded too much his own role as guardian of legality and even participated in writing the articles.

“So it seems.”

Should Pöystin resign?

“In Finland, the culture is such that no one takes responsibility, but continues as other men, although one should understand the conclusions to be drawn,” Halla-aho replies but does not go to demand Pöyst’s resignation. Halla-aho says she learned that such a claim easily turns against herself.

Opposition party The chairman of the Coalition Party, Petteri Orpo, also does not demand Pöyst’s resignation and does not want to take a position on the Chancellor of Justice’s activities “on the basis of information leaked to the press”.

“These are serious institutions that cannot be dismissed by a vote,” Orpo says. According to Orpo, the government also has overall responsibility for drafting the law.

“It looks confusing,” Orpo sums up his impression of the announcement made to HS on Friday.

Messages increase distrust in the process of preparing for movement restrictions, according to Orpo.

“In the preparation, the background material was concealed and not enough alternative solutions were identified. There were also different views within the government. ”

“It’s a big tangle in both job preparation, consulting experts and political decision-making. The biggest thing was the preparation of restrictions on movement, but the same distrust applies to the preparation of other laws on interest rates, and the whole tangle should now be openly clarified, ”Orpo insists.

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