Center | The parliamentary group does not intend to deal with Kärnä’s writing – Kulmuni: The discussion must be respectful

According to MP Katri Kulmuni (Centre), it is necessary to be able to talk about the “pain points” of the legislation related to the Sámi. The center’s parliamentary group does not intend to deal with Mikko Kärnä’s (center) blog post.

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Nothing the population group must not be spoken of inappropriately, says the member of parliament Katri Kulmuni (center) when asked by his colleagues Mikko Kärnän (central) about the case.

Kärnä admitted on Tuesday that he has written as part of a “collective” in a blog years ago, whose teeth included immigrants and Sami people.

He said that he also wrote to Hommaforum under the same Lapinleuku username, whose messages discussed, for example, the arrogance of the Sámi and denied that the Koltsa Sámi were “more original inhabitants than us Finns.”

Kärnä said on Twitter that he does not remember what he himself wrote and what someone else wrote.

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The center The parliamentary group does not intend to deal with Kärnä’s blog posts among themselves, says the member of parliament leading the parliamentary group Eva Kalli.

“Kärnä himself has publicly commented on his old writings. And that’s fine,” Kalli tells HS.

My eyebrows like Kärnä, comes from the constituency of Lapland and has opposed the proposal currently in parliament to reform the Sámi district law. Kulmuni says that he does not know more about the case of the messages allegedly written by Kärnä.

“Of course, it is unfortunate if the information is true. We have to talk about all people matter-of-factly and with respect, and especially about the only indigenous people in the European Union,” says Kulmuni.

My eyebrows however, points out that it is necessary to be able to talk about the “pain points” of legislation related to the Sámi. The center opposes the government’s proposal for reform.

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“As a member of parliament from Lapland, I always defend every single appropriation need that the Sámi assembly needs, in terms of language centers, learning materials, social and health services in their mother tongue. It is clear that it will always be supported and defended,” says Kulmuni.

“But now that this Sámi district law has been brought to parliament and it is disputed, there must be a right to talk about it, about its good and challenging aspects.”

The government brought its proposal on the reform of the Sami district law to the parliament, even though the center of the ruling party opposed it. On Tuesday, a referral debate on the matter began in the parliament.

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Blog texts in addition, Kärnä’s speech in the referral discussion has attracted attention. In his speech, he said that the law causes huge conflicts in Sami areas.

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“You certainly don’t want what’s yet to come. When brother turns against brother and sister against sister and we go back to the 90s, when cabins burned down and there was violence,” said Kärnä.

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Kulmuni states that the discussion must always be respectful, even if one disagrees with the bill itself.

“Dignified behavior is always expected from MPs. And then each viewer judges for himself how the MPs speak in the big hall.”

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