Catholic Church The pope rejected the resignation of the archbishop, who took responsibility for the exploitation of Germany

Known as a liberal influencer of the Catholic Church, Marx sought resignation because of the riots of exploitation of German Catholic priests.

Pope has abandoned the German cardinal Reinhard Marxin application for resignation. Marx had applied for resignation to take responsibility for the exploitation of German Catholic priests.

“Continue your efforts [pastoraalisessa työssä] As Archbishop of Munich and Freising, ”the Pope wrote.

Two weeks ago, the Pope had sent two superior bishops to investigate how Germany’s largest diocese, Cologne, had handled cases of exploitation.

“I need to share responsibility for the catastrophic sexual abuse that church staff have committed in recent decades,” Marx had written in a letter to the pope last week.

Marx is a well-known liberal figure in the Roman Catholic Church who has spoken out in favor of same-sex relationships in the church and the increase of female leadership.

He served as leader of the German Catholic Church until last year, after which he did not reappoint.



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