Catholic Church The Pope expressed his condolences over the mass grave of children found in the courtyard of the former Catholic Church in Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada has called on the Catholic Church to assume its responsibility for its role in the treatment of indigenous children in Canadian Catholic boarding schools.

St. Petersburg Square Pope speaking to pilgrims and tourists in the Vatican on Sunday Franciscus presented his condolences from the courtyard of the former Catholic Church in Canada found last month due to the bodies of children.

In his speech, the Pope also called for respect for the rights and cultures of indigenous peoples. The news agencies Reuters and AP, among others, report the matter.

In Canada from the 19th century until the 1990s, there was an education system in which indigenous children were forcibly separated from their families and placed in rigorous boarding schools. The intention was to melt the children into a dominant culture.

Thousands of children are also known to have disappeared from harsh schools run by churches but especially the Catholic Church.

At the end of May, a mass grave with the bodies of at least 215 children was found in the courtyard of the former Catholic Church in British Columbia. The tomb is the first evidence of what happened to the children.

“The sad discovery increases our understanding of the sufferings of history,” the pope said.

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Papal participation came just two days after the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaun after the speech.

In his speech, Trudeau demanded that the Catholic Church assume its responsibility for its role as an organizer of boarding schools. He said he had apologized to the pope years ago during his visit to the Vatican. However, it has not been heard.

“As a Catholic, I am deeply disappointed with the position taken by the Catholic Church,” Trudeau told Canadian media Global News by.

The pope’s speech on Sunday was also disappointing for those waiting for a direct apology.

In the past, the Pope has apologized on behalf of the Catholic Church for colonialism in Latin America, for example. According to Reuters, the pope usually apologizes directly to oppressed audiences by visiting the site.

However, a visit to Canada is not known to be part of the Pope’s near-term plans.



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