Cars | The world’s most expensive Volvo is claimed to be an old and worn-out station wagon, but its license plate is unique

The Volvo V70 for sale in the United States is asking for $ 20 million, or about $ 17 million. The price-increasing factor can be found on its license plate.

World the most expensive Volvo, which is claimed to be the most expensive, does not have a fine interior, and on the outside it looks nothing more than an old and long-used car.

The privately owned Volvo is for sale in the United States, and the seller estimates it to be a $ 20 million, or about $ 17 million, gaming game. Among other things, the Swedish newspaper reports on the matter Aftonbladet. The year of the car is not mentioned in the sales announcement.

Reason an amazing-sounding price estimate can be found on the car’s unique license plate.

In the late 1970s, the state of New York began offering access to a custom license plate for a car. The Volvo owner ordered a sign that simply reads New York. The license plate is still the only one of its kind. It has belonged to the same family from the beginning, having used it in several cars for 40 years.

Car – or actually the license plate – is now available for purchase by, among others, luxury car sales Dupont Registry through. The new owner can affix the license plate to any vehicle. The Dupont Registry reminds you that another license plate with the same content will not be encountered in traffic and can never be copied.

According to the sales announcement, the license plate is an important part of New York’s history, and souvenirs made from it are on sale both in the city’s stores and online.

Part comments on the notice on the Dupont Registry website consider the price request to be unreasonably high. However, one commenter points out that tremendous sums have been asked for unique shields in the past. In the UK, for example, the F1 plate is currently being sold for £ 38 million.

According to this commentator, special license plates are even more popular in the UK than traditional investments.

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