Cars | Incorrect guidance on car scrapping premiums has so far resulted in an additional bill of EUR 1.5 million for the state

“Is it here half a year expected. Now it has finally been completed. ”

Alahärmäläinen Pentti Korpi got a new car under him last week. He received the money for a hybrid Volvo that cost just under 77,000 euros from the state.

The ear scrapping premium was told first Yle.

The case relates to a car scrapping premium project that started at the turn of last year, in which the state undertook to pay 1,000 or 2,000 euros when a high-emission car is scrapped and switched to an environmentally friendly mode of transport. It was possible to apply for support for the purchase of a low-emission passenger car, electric bicycle and public transport ticket.

The idea was that compensation would only be paid for one scrapped car. However, due to the incorrect instructions of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, many scrapped several cars in the hope of a higher premium.

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Those who scrapped several cars due to a mistake have now been able to apply for compensation from the State Treasury, which compensates for the damage caused by the actions of the authorities.

Wilderness scrapped 44 cars. However, one car did not qualify for compensation, so he received a reward for 43 cars.

Although it was uncertain during the spring when the money would be paid, Korpi was confident that he would eventually receive the reward.

“I haven’t had that kind of panic because everything was done under the law. That was the ball for these decision makers. ”

BEFORE Korpi, who has worked as a workshop entrepreneur since his retirement, has acquired more than 100 cars in recent years with various minor defects. The intention has been to repair them and sell on.

Scrapping premiums have also been distributed in Finland in two previous campaigns, but Korpi has not joined them.

He heard about the latest campaign during the inspection. He says he called Traficom and made sure he could really get compensation for scrapping more cars.

“It was just said that everything is going well,” Korpi says.

“I thought if that’s the case, then let’s try to put cars in there. It was easier than repairing it yourself first and then trading. ”

To the State Treasury there have been 144 applications for compensation related to the scrapping premium. It is reported that 107 of the applications have now been resolved and 37 are awaiting processing.

According to the State Treasury, compensation has so far been paid in the amount of approximately EUR 1.5 million.

General Counsel Pekka Syrjänen The State Treasury estimates that the remaining 37 applications are likely to be processed during the summer.

According to Syrjänen, it is still difficult to estimate the total amount of compensation, because there is no information on how many potential new applications will be received.

TraficomISTA nearly 7,000 people applied for the scrapping premium. The budget of EUR 8 million set aside for scrapping premiums was reduced at the end of April.

Director of Traficom Kati Heikkinen According to the applicants, there were about 300 scrappers of several cars, 155 of whom were clearly entitled to compensation. According to him, in addition, there are cases that the State Treasury has yet to assess.

A clear majority of scrap fee applicants – about two-thirds – applied for support for an electric bicycle.

Correction 13.7. at 3:28 pm: Added information that Yle was the first to report on scrapping fees in Korvi.



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