Cars | Bloomberg: Apple stopped developing an electric car

Apple plans to transfer most of the people who worked on the project to its unit that develops artificial intelligence.

American Apple has ended a ten-year project to produce an electric car, reports the news agency Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg's unnamed sources, Apple announced the end of its car project to staff internally on Tuesday. The matter was announced by the company's operational manager Jeff Williams and the manager who led the project Kevin Lynch.

According to Bloomberg, the car project was one of the company's most ambitious projects, and the end of the project came as a surprise to the nearly two thousand employees who worked on it.

Apple plans to transfer most of the software developers who worked on the project to its artificial intelligence unit. It focuses on generative artificial intelligence.

In the car project also employs several hundred hardware developers and car designers. Some of them can be employed elsewhere in the company, but some will be fired, says Bloomberg.

Apple has been developing its own car since 2014, and the company is estimated to have spent billions of dollars on the project as a whole. The vision was some kind of robotic electric car, and if successful it would have opened up a whole new market for Apple.

According to Bloomberg, the project progressed slowly from the very beginning, and the project management was changed several times.

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