Cars | Audi will stop manufacturing internal combustion engines by 2033

According to the CEO, the company is ready to move resolutely to the electronic age.

German car manufacturer Audi will stop manufacturing gasoline and diesel cars by 2033, says the company’s CEO Markus Duesmann in the bulletin.

As of 2026, Audi’s new models are just new all-electric car models. Production of internal combustion engines will be phased out.

According to Duesmann, Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group, will launch more electric car models than petrol or diesel models this year.

“Audi is ready to move resolutely and strongly into the electronic age,” says Duesmann.

Volkswagen Earlier this year, the Group said it will spend € 46 billion over the next five years to achieve leadership in the global electric car market.

In addition, Volkswagen has announced that it will build six battery plants in Europe by the end of the decade.



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