Cancel | Peru in crisis: Congress voted to impeach the president, the president dissolved Congress

Peruvian President Castillo announced a state of emergency, new elections and a curfew. Criminal proceedings were to be initiated against him.

Peru drifted into a deep constitutional crisis on Wednesday when the country’s president Pedro Castillo announced that he would dissolve the Legislative Congress. Castillo made the announcement just hours before criminal proceedings were to be launched against him, Reuters news agency reported.

Castillo was accused of a “coup” by members of parliament and the president of Peru’s Constitutional Court, and key government ministers resigned.

Vice president Dina Boluarte said in his Twitter message that he opposes Castillo’s decision, which, according to Boluarte, “violates the constitutional order”.

In the evening At the time of Finland, the news agencies reported that the 130-member congress had voted to fire the president due to his “moral incompetence”.

101 MPs voted for dismissal, while six voted for Castillo. Others abstained, and some were apparently not present.

Castillo announced that Peru is led by an emergency government and new elections must be held in the country.

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Congressmen, on the other hand, tried to continue dealing with criminal charges. It is already the third attempt to oust Castillo through impeachment proceedings since he came to power in July last year.

The previous two congressional impeachments have not ousted Castillo because they have not been supported by two-thirds of the members of Congress. Several different charges have already been brought against Castillo, mainly for corruption.

The New York Times magazine told Castillo announced the curfew in his speech. He also demanded that citizens hand over all small arms to the authorities.

Supporters of President Pedro Castillo gathered near Peru’s congressional building in the capital city of Lima on Wednesday.

About Peru, with a population of 33 million, has seen large-scale protests this year expressing disappointment with inflation and the president’s actions, among other things.

Leftist Pedro Castillo, 53, rose to the presidency from outside politics. He was born into a rural family and has a background as a primary school teacher.

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Peru’s Attorney General accused Castillo in October of leading a criminal organization. According to the prosecutor, it includes Castillo’s family members and other allies.

The political atmosphere in Peru has been tense for a long time. Several former presidents have ended up in prison. Castillo is the Fifth President of his country within half a decade.

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