Canada The heatwaves continue to torment Canada for days to come, with a compilation of images showing distress and wildfires

The heat wave has broken heat records, led to the deaths of hundreds of people and also spawned wildfires.

In Canada hot and dry weather continues. The country’s environment ministry informed Thursday in British Columbia that due to the exceptionally high back pressure, record-breaking heat levels will continue in the coming days. This is reported, for example, by the news agency AFP.

“The duration of this heat wave is worrying, as even the nights do little to bring relief due to higher-than-usual night temperatures,” the environment ministry said, according to AFP.

The heat wave has shifted eastward, toward the prairies of central Canada.

Hot and dry weather has also led to wildfires. In the area of ​​British Columbia, evacuation orders related to wildfires were expected on Friday, according to CBC News, the country’s broadcaster.

In British Columbia, 62 new fires have been reported in the last 24 hours, the provincial prime minister John Horgan said at a news conference, according to news agency AFP.

“I can’t overemphasize how extreme the risk of fire is right now in almost everywhere in British Columbia,” Horgan said.

British In addition to Colombia, gentle warnings have also been issued to the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, parts of the Northwest Territories and northern Ontario.

Hot weather also plagues the west coast of the United States.

The Portland man slept on Sunday on an air mattress on the floor of a cooling center in Oregon.

The cat chilled with its owner in a tent in Portland, Oregon amid a North American heat wave on Monday.

Christy Wilding and a Birdi dog at a chilling center on the U.S. side in Oregon.

A dog suffering from the heat of the heatwave got a ride in a stroller in Portland, Oregon on Sunday.

Katherine Milton chilled under a self-made sunshade on the west coast of the United States in Seattle on June 28th.

People cool their water bottles with dry ice in Portland.

Tyson Morlock played the piano under a freeway bridge near a swimming pool in Portland on Tuesday.

Connor Hyde drank from the water post to his thirst in the heat of Seattle.

Portlanders protected themselves from temperatures above 45 degrees by going to the cooling center on Monday.

The city of Lytton was almost completely destroyed in a heat-induced fire in Canada on Thursday.

Helicopter over a forest fire in Lytton, Canada on Thursday.

A Salvation Army employee gave water bottles to Eddy Norby, who lives in a caravan in Seattle.

Martha Van Dyke and other residents of the city of Lytton were evacuated from a fire raging in the area on Thursday.



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