Canada More than 50 unmarked graves were again found in Canada near school homes – the deceased are believed to be indigenous children

At least 3,200 children died while in school homes, but the actual number of victims is believed to be much higher than this. The exact identity of the deceased found now is not yet known.

Canada the indigenous community has again found new unnamed graves in the vicinity of the school homes in its research. The graves are believed to belong to indigenous children who lived in school homes.

They tell about it, among other things British Broadcasting Corporation BBC and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC.

The most recent finding involves 54 unmarked burial sites located near two former school homes in eastern Saskatchewan.

According to research, 42 of the burial sites are located at Fort Pelly Schoolhouse and 12 at St Phillip’s Schoolhouse.

“We walked past them without ever realizing there were graves,” Keeseekoonen, community leader Lee Kitchimonia said the CBC.

According to Kitchimonia, winter weather makes it difficult to examine the graves. The exact identity of the deceased or where they died is not yet known.

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Canada separated more than 150,000 indigenous children from their parents and sent them to church homes run by churches between 1869 and 1996. School homes were compulsory for indigenous children.

In schools, many children were victims of mental, physical and sexual violence. Some students experienced violent deaths, others died of epidemics in inferior conditions in school homes.

At least 3,200 children died while in school homes, but the actual number of victims is believed to be much higher than this.

Survivors have long provided evidence that the dead children were buried in unnamed burial sites near school homes. Indigenous research groups in Canada have found evidence of more than 1,100 unmarked graves since last spring.

In its 2015 report, the Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Commission declared that the school home system carried out a cultural genocide.

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