Camping The most expensive “room” in Nuuksio’s new hotel is in a tent – a phenomenon called glamping

A new type of hotel service has started next to Nuuksio National Park, the most expensive rooms of which are tents.

Hiking The latest trend in glamping is now arriving in the metropolitan forests.

It is a more glorious form of camping and forest hiking. It combines the comforts of staying in the heart of nature. Glamping is made up of the words Glamorous (glamor) and camping (camping).

In Nuuksio already started in the summer a new hotel that advertises itself as a nature hotel. Next week, the hotel’s accommodation options will expand into nature. In the backyard of the hotel in the middle of the forest you will find the most expensive accommodation option, ie tent accommodation.

The entrepreneur and CEO of Haltia Lake Lodge bring splendor to the tent works Teemu Tuomarlan according to many small amenities: a real bed with down bedding and heating with an air source heat pump.

Set next to the Haltia Nature Center, the hotel’s tents have small refrigerators, kettles, dry toilets and some washing water.

In addition, in front of the tent there is a small terrace belonging to each tent. A shower and sauna can be found in the hotel building.

For glamping there is certainly demand in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tuomarla believes. In the north and abroad in nature tourism with amenities has been mainstream for some time for a long time.

In the south, however, Haltia Lake Lodge is the first operator.

“The nature and hiking boom has been unbridled. There is an even larger number of people who want to move around in nature. Some of them may be such that they do not want to extend their stay in nature all the way to camping or to the mercy of the weather, ”says Tuomarla.

According to Tuomarla, you can only enjoy the good aspects of camping in a hotel-level tent. Things that feel awkward, such as carrying a heavy backpack or sleeping on a relatively hard surface, can thus be avoided.

“This combines the best aspects of nature experiences. We are in the middle of nature, the sounds of nature are heard, but water and wind do not come in and there are hotel facilities. In addition, the carbon footprint of such accommodation is quite small. ”

According to Tuomarla, the carbon footprint has been considered in the hotel anyway, and some of the hotel’s furniture and materials have been made in cooperation with the recycling center and from recycled materials.

Haltia Lake Lodge defines itself as a nature hotel and its services also focus on organized nature experiences.

Overnight at Glamping tents will start as early as September. A night in a tent costs about 3,00 euros or a little less, depending on the time.



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