Bullying Musician Niko Tiuraniemi and Finnish influencer Elisa Kiljunen, who campaigned against bullying, were surprised by the thousands of messages they received: “Bullying must end”

On Friday, the duo set up an open-air office in front of the Parliament House, where bullies and bullies can come and break their hearts.

Parliament House there have been many important debates on the lawn on Friday.

Hairdresser and musician Niko Tiuraniemi as well as a hairdresser and a hairdresser Elisa Kiljunen came in front of the Parliament House to talk about bullying.

As part of its anti-bullying campaign, the duo decided to set up an open-air office at the Parliament House, where those who have experienced bullying can come and express their feelings and break their hearts.

Bullies are also welcome, because Tiuraniemi and Kiljunen think it is important that bullies also get help when they feel bad.

“We want to show that help is available and remind us that there is nothing wrong with being bullied. A bullied person is not worthless but a person of equal value to others. If I had once understood that the situation was not my fault, I might have dared to seek help more strongly, ”says Tiuraniemi.

Niko Tiuraniemi wants to use the rapture to signal that there are always people who care. Tiuraniemi hugged Tiia Eskola, who arrived at the scene.

Tiuraniemi and Kiljunen want to help young people who are in the same situation where they themselves have been bullied in the past.

Many people familiar with the public have also joined the campaign. For example, a wellness coach has been involved Aki Manninen, Winner of the Miss Helsinki competition Kelly Kalonji and rap artist Word. In addition, several companies have supported the campaign with product gifts.

Tiuraniemi and Kiljunen have received thousands of contacts on social media during the seme campaign founded in July.

Kiljunen has more than a hundred thousand followers in Tiktok, thanks to which the campaign has attracted attention among young people. Tiuraniemi’s Instagram and Facebook pages have also reached thousands of people of different ages.

The contacts received by the duo have shown that bullying affects people of all ages and genders in different sectors of society.

People are bullied at school, at home, in hobbies and in the workplace.

“I’ve received hundreds of messages a day. I’ve written answers overnight and cried for people’s terrible experiences. In addition, I have received calls from worried mothers, ”says Tiuraniemi.

“Everyone should be instinctively made to understand that others need to be treated well.”

Kiljunen has spoken about his own experiences of bullying several times in Tiktok. For example, he has reported that he was barked at school because of his short hair as a boy.

Now Kiljunen wants to tell the bullied that there is no need to be ashamed of being bullied.

“I just had a live broadcast from the Parliament House in Tiktoko here, where we talked to my followers about bullying. I would like all young people to realize that bullying is not fresh, it is embarrassing, ”says Kiljunen.

Elisa Kiljunen gave a live broadcast in front of the Parliament House in Tiktok, where she discussed bullying with her followers.

Tiuraniemi says he is surprised at how hugely bullied he is and how similar the experiences of bullying are regardless of time and place.

Tiuraniemi has remembered one phone call in particular in recent days. In it, a nearly 90-year-old man called and told his story.

“I was the first to tell him he had been bullied and how painful it has made. Bullying during school hours hurt him even in his nineties. ”

Tiuraniemi does not believe that bullying can be stopped by changing laws or regulations.

“Everyone should be instinctively made to understand that others need to be treated well.”

Tiuraniemi suggests that more emotional intelligence skills should be taught in schools. It would be important to teach the same skills to teachers as well.

“Bullying simply needs to stop. Bullying erases a person’s own identity, and bullies give it a new one. It has been ten years for me to rebuild my personality. ”

In a small Tiuraniemi, who grew up in a Lapland village, was systematically bullied during school hours. Bullying was cruel mental and physical violence. For example, she was barked at as a maiden, set aside, beaten and kicked.

It all made Tiuraniemi feel insignificant.

“I had severe concussions, had to be quilted and, above all, I was so scared I couldn’t describe that fear in words.”

Tiuraniemi says that he often thought that it would be easier to die than to go to school.

Niko Tiuraniemi hopes that emotional intelligence skills will be taught in schools.

Bullying has also had consequences for the later life of Tiuraniemi.

“I had a terrible desire to show for a long time. I wanted to make as much money as possible. I wanted to show that I have the finest car and the most beautiful wife. I trained like crazy to be big and strong and no one could hurt me anymore. ”

Eventually, Tiuraniemi began to question his lifestyle and way of thinking. He began reading the literature in the field of psychology and realized he was still pretty broken inside.

Tiuraniemi says he has read hundreds of books. His healing began Kimmo Takanen Feel your lock from the book.

“I realized I had to start dealing with these things so I could be the kind of person I really want to be.”

Now she feels ready to help others cope with the bullying.

Tiuraniemi and Kiljunen plan to be in front of the Parliament House until the evening. However, the campaign does not end with this rapture, and whatever is planned.

Tiuraniemi, for example, would like to tour schools to talk about bullying and its devastating effects. New anti-bullying rapes may also be promised.

“I only talk about it in public because I genuinely believe I can help. And because someone has to do something. ”



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