Bulgaria The protest party, led by the singer-presenter, is winning the Bulgarian parliamentary elections

The protest party ITN led the vote on Monday night with 23.9 percent support.

Bulgarian the vote count for the parliamentary election was nearing completion on Monday when the singer and TV presenter Slavi Trifonovin the ITN party led by it declared the right to form a government.

The protest party ITN led the vote with 23.9 percent support. The party has campaigned against corruption.

Former Prime Minister Boiko Borisovin the center-right GERB party, led by the center, was getting the worst result in its history, at 23.7 per cent.

ITN has previously refused to cooperate with GERB.

Bulgarians voted in parliamentary elections on Sunday for the second time in three months.

GERB garnered about a quarter of the vote in the April election. However, in 2020, the party rife in the corruption scandal was unable to find government partners.



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