Buildings Unique situation on Helsinki’s valued street: A plot of land is being sold next to the branded buildings, where an apartment building can be built

An apartment building plot in the neighborhood of Helsinki is being sold next door to buildings of cultural and historical significance.

Helsinki A unique apartment building plot is for sale in Munkkiniemi. The plot currently has a single-storey red-brick commercial building.

The plot is exceptional both in terms of location and its neighbors. In addition, it is relatively rare for apartment building plots to be sold in the area of ​​the old and densely built downtown.

For sale on the same street as the plot on Hollantilaisentie there are two architects Eliel Saarisen historically valuable building, which were part of Saarinen’s ambitious Munkkiniemi – Haaga plan.

At the address Hollantilaisentie 12–20 is an English-themed terraced house designed by Saarinen. The terraced house, completed in 1920, is an architecturally and culturally valuable building that was one of the first terraced houses in Finland.

On the same street is also a building designed by Saarinen and completed as a Munkkiniemi boarding house. The building served as a boarding house from 1918 to 1923, after which the state purchased the building. From 1924 to 1940, the building housed the Cadet School. Now the former boarding house is being built into buildings.

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The apartment building plot for sale is located at Hollantilaisentie 7.

The terraced house designed by Eliel Saarinen was completed in 1920.

The Munkkiniemi – Haaga plan was Saarinen’s vision for an urban solution for the regions.

Saarinen envisions a giant residential area of ​​up to 200,000 inhabitants in western Helsinki, with Parisian park streets and English-style terraced houses.

Of the buildings drawn by Saarinen, only the buildings on Hollantilaisentie were realized.

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In addition, next to the plot for sale, Hollantilaisentie 9, there is a valuable apartment building designed by the architect Yngve Lagerblad. Lagerblad worked for Saarinen and Jarl Eklundin in the architectural firm assisted in the preparation of the Munkkiniemi – Haaga plan from Saari.

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Now the land for sale has an area of ​​approximately 2,900 square meters and a building right of 560 square meters. A four-storey residential apartment building or a townhouse with two adjoining apartments may be built on the plot. At least 50 storey square meters of retail space must be placed at street level.

No price has been stated for the plot in the sales announcement. Plot of Real Estate World Jussi Korvenojan according to the plot will be marketed at a zero price so that anyone interested in the site can submit a takeover bid based on their own calculations.

Korvenoja estimates that the sale price of the plot will be in the range of approximately EUR 1.5 million.

According to Korvenoja, a similar plot of land was sold from Munkkiniemi Kaartintorpantie at a price of approximately EUR 3,000 per square meter. It is likely that the sale price of the right to build on the Dutch road will not be as high, as space will also have to be built in the future building for retail space.

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“Those squares are cheaper than residential squares,” Korvenoja says.

According to Korvenoja, the building right will be sold as a closed tender.

“In practice, probably the highest bid wins,” Korvenoja says.

According to Korvenoja, more than 60 customers have been interested in the plot. Both construction companies and private individuals are involved.

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