Budgetary conflict “Economically shocking”, “the emergency is great” – This is how the opposition and social partners commented on the results of the budget debate

In particular, the size of the budget deficit, employment measures and raising the tax on peat are not in the minds of the opposition. The social partners considered the decisions taken in the tourism and restaurant sector in particular to be insufficient.

Opposition parties the Coalition Party, the Basic Finns and the Christian Democrats recently criticized the government’s employment measures as insufficient and the amount of debt too high. This is how the business community was commented on. The budget proposal is in deficit for 10.8 billion, so the government will have to take on that much more debt.

Wage earners’ organizations were mainly pleased with the decisions of the budget debate, although more supportive decisions would have been desired in the tourism and restaurant sectors, for example.

The government introduced on Wednesday afternoon the prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) chaired at its briefing the results of the budget debate. The government negotiated the 2021 budget from Monday to Wednesday.

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Basic Finns Chairman of the Parliamentary Group Ville Tavio describes in the release the results as “economically shocking”. According to him, the measures now announced will not increase the competitiveness of companies.

In particular, the end of industrial emissions trading compensation and the increase in peat taxation will be noted by basic Finns. According to Tavio, these decisions affect competitiveness and employment. In addition, he criticizes the government’s employment target as too low.

“In addition, the government also counts secondary education as an employment measure. In reality, it will not create any more jobs, but will only inflate public spending, ”Tavio says in a press release.

Chairman of the Basic Finns Jussi Halla-aho commented on the results on Twitter in a sarcastic tone. He criticizes the emissions trading compensation and the peat decision.

Coalition Party chairman Petteri Orpo also commented on the messaging service on Twitter that the decisions on the budget dispute were disappointing. He particularly criticized the Center Party for employment and the large deficit.

“Downtown threshold issues turned into a threshold mat. The employment target is running low and indebtedness is rising. Finland can no longer afford any such budget dispute, in which the necessary decisions are postponed, ”Orpo wrote on the Twitter service.

Orpo emphasized that the new employment decisions are not expected to bring in more than 30,000 new employees until 2029.

Chairman of the Christian Democrats Sari Essayahin considers that the government’s only significant employment measures remain the “restoration of the active model with small changes” and the increase in funding for employment services.

“No adjustment measures were seen and employment measures remained very subdued. This line will lead to a collapse in the conditions for maintaining the welfare state, ”Essayah said in a statement.

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In the service sector government decisions were criticized by both employers and employees.

The service union Pam praised the development of employment services and the need to revitalize the budget. Chairman Annika Rönni-Sallinen however, would have liked clearer and more effective measures for the tourism and restaurant sector.

According to Mara, a tourism and restaurant interest group, the government did not propose any measures to alleviate the plight of the industry. Mara and Pam’s joint wishes for VAT reductions for the sector did not materialize.

“The plight of our companies and their employees is great. It is unfortunate that the government did not take it into account in any way in its decisions, ”Mara’s CEO Timo Lappi said in a statement.

With the exception of Pam’s reproach, the decisions were largely praised by employees. In particular, the central organizations STTK and SAK considered the stimulative fiscal policy and the new job search model to be positive features. The Confederation of Finnish Industry in particular praised the government’s decision to reduce the industrial electricity tax to the EU minimum level.

Business according to the federation, the real positive employment effect of government decisions would be only about 15,000 to 20,000 additional employees. The Finnish Entrepreneurs and the Central Chamber of Commerce were also of the opinion that employment decisions were not sufficient.

“Employment is not rising enough by these government means. The board is deceiving itself and its program, ”said EK’s CEO Jyri Häkämies in the bulletin.

Business organizations welcomed the government’s decisions to reduce the electricity tax, continue to halve the fairway fee and finance transport infrastructure.


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