Brutal reaction of a driver in Nascar, he went to hit a rival





It happened in qualifying for the Martinsville 300.

Everything went smoothly in qualifying for the Martinsville 300, United States Nascar series competition, but from one moment to another everything changed.

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Andrew Grady He got out of his car and went to look for the car of his opponent Davey Callihan, with whom he started it. (James Rodríguez silences his critics: the gesture in the goal, video)
(Colombia thrashed Guatemala, with the ‘old’ and with the rookies)

a lot of violence

Both had been the protagonists of a crash seconds before, but nobody expected Grady’s reaction.

In the video it is clear that he was ‘out of his clothes’ and that his reaction was not the best example of sportsmanship.

A third person who tried to separate the assailant tried to prevent Grady’s reaction from escalating, and other people tried to reassure him.

“There are idiots who can’t handle a lawnmower let alone a Late Model in Martinsville,” Grady said on television.

Here is the brutal reaction.
(Radamel Falcao, in the history of the Colombian National Team: 100 games!)(Cristiano Ronaldo, with a broken face: strong blow in the League of Nations, video)

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