Britain Violent riots continue in Northern Ireland, firefighters were thrown at police

This was the first time in six years in Britain that police have used water cannons to quell violence.

Northern Ireland in the capital, Belfast, violence continued late Thursday. The matter was reported by, among others, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Police have used water cannons against protesters. According to the BBC, this was the first time in six years that police have used water cannons to quell violence. The rioters had thrown the police at the fireballs, fireworks and rocks.

According to the news agency AFP, the riot police on the nationalist side tried to prevent the mob from moving towards the areas of British-minded unionists. According to the BBC, there are riots on both sides of the divided city.

According to the BBC, the troops are now rioting among both nationalists and unionists. The violence began last week.

Britannian and the Irish Prime Ministers have previously condemned the recent violence.

BBC writes that in Northern Ireland the main parties have also condemned the violence, but the parties do not share the view on the causes of the riots.

According to unionist leaders, the violence is linked to the protocol on the Northern Ireland agreement between Britain and the European Union. As a result, Northern Ireland will remain part of the EU’s internal market, for example in terms of customs. According to the BBC, unionists see the protocol as a threat to Northern Ireland’s position as part of Britain.

The long-running conflict in Northern Ireland was brought to an end by the 1998 peace agreement. In the 30 years that preceded it, some 3,500 people lost their lives in the violence in the region.

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