Britain Unesco removes Liverpool World Heritage status due to modern buildings

The list of World Heritage Sites has only been removed twice before.

Unesco has removed the status of World Heritage Site from the City of Liverpool in England.

The reason for the deletion was, according to the Committee, the “serious deterioration and irreversible loss” of the characteristics which affected the granting of the status.

The matter was reported, among other things British Broadcasting Corporation BBC and the British newspaper The Guardian.

Liverpool was originally a World Heritage Site in 2004. The reasons were Liverpool’s unique Architectural Landmarks and the city’s history as a major commercial hub during the British Empire.

Unesco has been warning the city for years, especially about the irreversible loss of its Victorian harbor area.

According to UNESCO, historical value has been lost by building new buildings in the waterfront. According to UNESCO, these buildings also include the new stadium of Liverpool football club Everton FC, which will start construction this week, Everton says on its website.

The matter was decided in a closed vote at a meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Liverpool mayor Joanne Anderson says The Guardian says he is “very disappointed and worried” about the matter.

According to Anderson, Unesco has not visited Liverpool to look at the area for a decade. He said major investments had been made in the area, which is why Liverpool “has never been in better shape”.

Liverpool is the third World Heritage Site to be removed since the listing began in 1978. Previously, the Oman Valley White Reserve in 2007 and the Dresden Elbe Valley in Germany were removed in 2009.



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