Britain The murder of Sarah Everard, 33, fueled the equality debate: “The attitude has been that violence against women is like the weather – there is nothing that can be done about it”

The British Home Office has already received 137,000 reports of harassment of girls and women.


Captured and murdered.

This came Sarah Everardin, 33, fate when he was walking home from a friend in South London two weeks ago on Wednesday.

The body was later found in a forest in the south-east of England. Suspected of a blood feud was arrested male police.

Everard’s case is a tragedy for his family and friends. In addition, it has become a watershed in the British – and even European – equality debate: Why should women not live in peace without fear of violence?

One the reason can be found in attitudes.

“The attitude has been that violence against women is like the weather – you can’t do anything about it,” says the writer-activist Catherine Mayer HS and a group of foreign correspondents in London.

Mayer is a member of the British Feminist Party, the Women’s Equality Party, WEP) to the founders.

WEP demands that violence against girls and women be classified as a national threat where terrorism, organized crime and cyber attacks are. Now women cannot be trusted to be protected by the police and the judiciary, nor by the law.

Same the opinion of many other women in Britain.

Everard’s memorial service last Saturday in South London gathered thousands of women. The peacefully begun show of solidarity took a violent turn when the police began break up the gathering in very grips.

Images of women being beaten and handcuffed by male police have provoked widespread dismay.

Police abrupt extracts have been justified as corona precautionary measures. However, many have wondered why the Brexit and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters during the pandemic also did not receive such a sharp reception.

Prime minister Boris Johnson supported the actions of the police but had to admit that the images transmitted from the memorial service gave cause for concern.

Flower Sea Everard is growing near the site of its disappearance, and new commemorations have been held across the country.

Those who do not physically get there have also joined the campaign on social media.

Floral and card greetings in memory of the murdered Sarah Everard in London.­

But what are the British government and the London police doing? After all, the criticism leveled by women is directed at decision-makers and authorities, which allow insecurity to continue.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel is a woman, as is the head of the London police Cressida Dick.

Ministry of the Interior last week launched a survey that collects women’s and girls ’experiences of violence and harassment. There have already been 137,000 responses, Patel announced on Wednesday.

The government promises to increase security, among other things, by directing more money to street lighting and surveillance cameras. As the bars and pubs reopen, they will be patrolled by more and more police officers in civilian clothes.

Many consider action to be insufficient.

“Residents of my constituency do not believe that the London police take violence against women seriously enough,” a Labor MP Stella Creasy said to the London-based Evening Standard.

The claim is supported by a statement made by the UN Women and You Gov inquiry, according to which 71 per cent of British women have experienced sexual harassment in public places.

For young people, ie those aged 18 to 24, the proportion is 86 per cent. However, as many as 95 percent of all women did not report harassment to police.

WEP According to Mayer, the pandemic has exacerbated Britain’s equality problems.

In corona quarantine, it is even more difficult to escape violence at home. At the same time, the main responsibility for housework and childcare has remained with women.

A pandemic may also be part of the reason why Everard’s fate touches so widely: many women are now wondering whether to dare to walk outside, or whether to take the risk of infection on public transportation.

“Walking is also one of the few things that [koronarajoitusten aikana] feel free to do. Not to mention that everyone should have the right to walk the streets safely. ”

Everardin a new bill from the Conservative Party that would impose new restrictions on demonstrations will also speak in the case. Damage to statues, for example, could lead to up to ten years in prison in the future.

“10 years since the attack on the statue – 5 years after the rape”, criticizes the Labor MP Angela Rayner On Twitter.

Mayerin however, both of Britain’s big parties – the Conservatives and the Labor Party – still have a lot to do with equality issues.

“When we set up WEP [vuonna 2015], Labor was particularly nervous because it already imagined it was dealing with equality issues. It still has its own problems with misogyny. ”

The British Feminist Party therefore hopes that the big parties will learn from its political programs: “We are happy to copy.”

Writer-activist Catherine Mayer is one of the founders of the Women’s Equality Party. The photo is from an anti-Brexit event on Women’s Day 2016.­

The murder of Sarah Everard angers Britain

Sarah Everard, 33, from London, disappeared in South London on March 3 while she was walking home from a friend’s home in the evening.

A week later, a male police officer was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering Everard.

Everard’s body was found on March 10 in a forest in the South East of England.

The harsh grips by London police at the Everard memorial service last Saturday night have sparked much criticism.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, also visited the memorial service.

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