Britain The man who shot five people in Britain did not get his weapons license back until July – Had shared messages hostile to the internet and said he was against his will in celibacy

The shooter lost his gun license in December and recently regained it. Last September, he was charged with assault.

22 years old man shot five people and to his death on Thursday in Plymouth, South West England. In addition, he shot two other people who are currently in hospital in a stable condition.

Before he did, the man said on Youtube that he was identifying incels that is, against the will of those living in celibacy. British newspaper The Guardian according to her, she had shared hate-filled messages on social media service Reddit in groups expressing hatred and bitterness towards women. In addition, he had written for pro-arms groups.

He had also reported on social media that he was depressed and hated his own mother, who was the first victim of the shooting.

One of the male victims was a 3-year-old girl. The girl’s father also died in the shooting. The other two victims were a 59-year-old man and a 66-year-old woman.

Britannian the Independent Police Office (IOPC) intends to formally investigate a police decision to restore the man with his lost gun license.

The man had lost his gun license last December, when his suitability to carry a gun was questioned. He had been charged with assault in September, says the British broadcaster BBC.

However, the man got his gun permit back last month after attending an anger management course. According to The Guardian, the man’s relatives would have tried unsuccessfully to seek help for his problems.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that a man’s gun license should be “properly examined”.

Police announced shortly after the incident that there was no reason to suspect terrorism in the shooting. However, the decision has been questioned in Britain.

According to The Guardian, U.S. authorities have warned earlier this year incelthe number of attacks related to ideology is on the rise. Female hatred is closely linked to it.

An independent evaluator of terrorist legislation, a lawyer, interviewed by The Guardian Jonathan Hall notes that incelideology can be applied for terrorist purposes.

“It always depends on the evidence, but if you kill people in a symbolic way because you hate what they represent according to your own ideology, it’s not a very big conclusion to say that the killing is for ideological reasons,” Hall says.

According to Hall, British terrorism law is currently applicable as well incel– acts committed for ideological reasons, tells the BBC.

Senior British Police Sir Peter Fahy said on the BBC’s Today radio program that right-wing terrorism is a real concern in Britain.

“Counter-terrorism efforts may need to be partially refocused,” he said.

Devonin and according to Cornwall police, the motive for the acts is currently unknown.

The incident was the worst shooting in Britain since 2010, when a shooter killed 12 people in the north of England. Mass shootings are very rare in the country.



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